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We build our Content Management Sites with Joomla!®...
    ...the most popular open source CMS,
        with a responsive design 
            for modern web display.


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Learn how to maintain your site so you can keep it updated. Begin with the basics, learn how to monitor your blog. Next, manage the events on your calendar. Progress to changing the images and articles on the pages.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I would like to use my website as a training platform for my small business. Do I need a CMS or an LMS?

    An LMS or Learning Management System is generally used in more formal academic environments. LMS software is designed to focus on delivering course content and monitoring user comprehension. On the other hand, Content Management System  (CMS) software is designed with the author in mind. With a CMS, contributors can create, store and upload content using common software authoring tools such as Word or Power Point. There is no need to convert the files to an HTML format. 

    A further understanding of your requirements would be needed in order to provide you with a recommendation. Generally, a CMS will provide excellent communication and collaboration in an environment not demanding a formal accounting of a learner's performance.

  • Q: I am a woodworker and I would like to start selling my creations online. Will a CMS work for me?

    Yes, contact us for a live preview of a striking ecommerce site. On this site your products will be attractively displayed with a more detailed description a click away. Typical of an ecommerce site, shoppers will add items to their cart and their payments will be efficiently and securely processed.

  • Q: Let's get started. Where do I begin?

    The first step in designing your CMS is to define the purpose and message of your site. Is your site for learning, ecommerce, social networking or a combination of all? Next browse our collection of templates and select the one you feel would be the best vehicle for your objectives.  Gather together documentation and images that you would like included on your site. Submit your requirements to us and we will evaluate your projected design and provide you with an estimate.

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This site was created for Dr. Dennis Parker. Dr. Parker's educational and professional background has developed his platform as a motivational speaker for numerous family strengthening initiatives.

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